Marguerite Welch

Marguerite Welch is a sailor, writer and photographer whose articles on photography have appeared in numerous art journals. Her short fiction, memoir, and travel writing has been published in Bay Weekly, Wanderlust-Journal, and Memoir Magazine. She lives in Annapolis, MD, with her husband Michael where she sails, gardens, writes, does art projects and gratefully watches the ever-changing colors of the Severn River from her porch swing.

Marguerite is celebrating the recent release of her book, Waterborne: A Slow Trip Around a Small Planet. It is an adventure story, a memoir, and proof that you have to leave home to get home. Many of the thousands of photographs taken during this journey tell the other half of the story, the one that can’t be put into words. The one that comes from the heart, from the eyes and the slightly tilted, ephemeral world of the imagination. Sometimes “a photograph is worth a thousand words,” but more than likely it’s saying something different through the transformative language of the lens.

Please visit to see Marguerite’s photography and examples of this visual story.

The Boat: Ithaca A Shannon 38 Cutter, 37’ 9” long, 11’8” wide, 5’ draft
Nautical Miles Sailed: 43,822 (in Statute Miles: 49,978)
Countries Visited by Sail: 51
Countries Visited by Land: 9
Longest Period at Sea: 27 days (Galapagos to Nuka Hiva, French Polynesia)

“There are still some star struck nights on the boat when I look up at the sky, study the compass, listen to garbled voices on the VHF and wonder if we were really gone for 14 years? Are we still gone? Was it just a dream, that world that only exists in my mind now—my memories, my heart. It’s as if I made it all up but I didn’t. It’s a fact that after thirty-three years of marriage, two careers for “Michael”, two sons and many reincarnations of myself, we abandoned everything and everyone we loved to explore the world in a small boat for fourteen years. “Why?” you might ask. “Why not?” I might reply.” – Waterborne: The Dream