Gallery 57 West

Call for Artists at Gallery 57 West

Participation Dates: May 23 – September 26, 2023                                   

Gallery 57 West is now in its third year!  The gallery has thrived thanks to hours and hours of hard work by the many Annapolis Arts Alliance member participants, their beautiful art, and the support of the local community and visitors to Annapolis.  Gallery 57 West is accepting applications for 2023!

The Annapolis Arts Alliance at Gallery 57 West is operating as a collaborative gallery under the guidelines, policies, procedures, and mission of the Annapolis Arts Alliance.

Annapolis Arts Alliance Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of the Annapolis Arts Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is to provide a collective voice and forum and to support all members of our arts community, and offer opportunities to network, collaborate, polish creative skills, and showcase the rich artistic life of the Greater Annapolis Area. The Alliance engages in community outreach by supporting resource identification, information dissemination, arts education, and events programming.

Benefits of Artist Participation:

  • Showcase and sell your art in a prime historical location.
  • Benefit from being part of a large group of local artists in a professional setting
  • Meet customers in person to establish and grow a customer base
  • Interact with and share ideas with other local artists
  • Artist of the Month opportunity
  • Gallery 57 West’s website presence to promote artists.
  • 20% AAA gallery commission / 80% to the artist.
  • Options of Annual and four-month “Guest” participation.

Participating Artist Requirements:

Artists Must:

  • Be a current member of the Annapolis Arts Alliance
  • Live within a 50-mile radius of the gallery.
  • Be able to work four-hour shifts, totaling 16-20 hours, in the gallery each month.
  • Meet all deadlines set for inventory, scheduling, etc.
  • Serve on and/or chair a gallery committee.
  • Exhibit a professional image / presentable attire when representing, working in, or visiting the Gallery.
  • Feel comfortable engaging with customers.
  • Utilize proficient skills using a cash register for sales.
  • Have, or be able to learn, basic computer skills for required inventory submission (via Google Spreadsheets) and competent email communication.
  • Attend the three monthly mandatory gallery artist meetings each guest period.
  • Be an “actively creating artist” with ready-to-hang/display and backstock inventory.
  • Follow positive, professional decorum while working in the gallery.
  • NOTE:  It is a requirement to have an active smartphone for texting and sending photos.
  • NOTE:  Four-month “Guest” participants will be assigned a mentor.
  • NOTE:  In order to maintain non-profit status, the AAA (Gallery 57 West) is dedicated to serving the local community with art events and programs which require the participation of all gallery artists.

Considerations for Applicants’ Art

Applicants Must:

  • Provide professional, gallery-quality artwork.
  • 2D Wall Artists must have enough inventory for approximately 4’ x 6’ of wall space AND backstock inventory to replace art sold.
  • 3D Artists must have enough inventory for approximately 3’ x 5’ of table space with a height of 24” AND back stock inventory to replace art sold.
  • 2D Artists must have at least 50% original Artwork. (Excluding Photography) 
  • Artwork must not be similar to an existing member’s.
  • Present and display their work in a professional manner.
  • Keep their display well-stocked and tidy.
  • Ensure that each piece of art is priced and labeled properly for display AND back stock areas.

Days and Hours of Operation

Wednesday through Monday.  (Open on Tuesdays June – September), 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Special events may necessitate additional hours (e.g. Midnight Madness, Dinner Under the Stars).

Financial Considerations

Guest Artist: Four-Month Gallery Artist Commitment

  • Monthly Fee: $165
  • Participation Dates: May 23 – September 26, 2023

Please Note:

  • 20% commission to the gallery will be collected on all sales.
  • Payment for art sold is issued to artists each month.
  • The gallery is not liable for any theft, loss, or breakage of members’ work.

Space Allocations

  • 2D Wall Artists – approximately 4’ x 6’ of wall space.
  • 3D Artisans – approximately 3’ x 5’ of table space with a height of 24” without compromising the viewing of another gallery member’s display.
  • Print Bins are supplied by the gallery. 
  • Card Racks are supplied by the gallery.
  • Any special props/displays must be approved.

Gallery 57 West Website

The website features exhibiting Gallery 57 West artists, gallery events, and news.

COVID-19 Precautions

  • MERV Filters are installed in the gallery and changed on a monthly basis.
  • Enforcing COVID guidelines as per the City of Annapolis.

The Application Process

*Jewelry applications are not currently being accepted.
*Applicants must be current Annapolis Arts Alliance members.

    Deadline on or before March 25, 2023, at 9:00 p.m.
    Deadline on or before April 5, 2023, at 9:00 p.m.
    Note: Be available for an interview after your Jury Application submission. 
    Due within 24 hours of invitation to join the gallery. 

Application Step 1: Interest Email  – Deadline on or before March 25, 2023, at 9:00 p.m.

Submit your INTEREST in participating at Gallery 57 West by following the steps below. 

The information below will be requested along with an image of your art.

  • Your Name Your Art Medium(s)
  • Attach one image (per medium) that best represents your art
  • Write a few sentences about the following:
    • Why are you interested in participating in the gallery?
    • How do you see yourself participating in a collaborative art gallery setting?
    • What do you have to offer the gallery?

Application Step 2: Artist Jury Application – Deadline on or before April 5, 2023, 9:00 p.m.
If approved for the next step, a Gallery Team Member will email you an Artist Jury Application.

  • Complete the application and email it to
  • Set the Email Subject Line to say: “Subject: Artist Jury Application [YOUR NAME]
  • Be prepared to include:
    • An Artist Statement / Resume and any other pertinent materials about you or your work.
    • Two relevant, local references and phone numbers.
    • Five images per medium to be juried of recently completed work, labeled with medium, size, price, and artist name.
    • *NOTE: Be available for an interview after your Jury Application submission.
      • Bring the following to the interview:
        • A one-paragraph Biography about you and your art.
        • A sample of your art.

Application Step 3: Gallery Membership Application (Due within 24 hours of invitation to join the gallery.)
If approved for the next step, a Gallery Team Member will email you a Gallery Membership Application.

Please consider:

  • All artists must meet with a Gallery Setup Team Member to set up and break down their art display in the area assigned.
  • Throughout the duration of the Artist Agreement period, the Artist will provide individually labeled and priced replacements for works of art as they are sold. 
  • Artist understands that the commission split for sales is 80% to the Artist and 20% to the AAA.
  • The Artist will be responsible for providing their own business cards.
  • The Gallery will take due care to prevent loss, theft, fire, or other damage to the artwork, but will not be held responsible should loss or damage, etc. occur.
  • Special props/displays must be approved by a Gallery Setup Team Member.
  • Artists’ inventory of work must be consistent with that which was accepted upon the artist’s Juried Art interview.
  • All work must be professionally finished and ready to sell.
  • Each piece must be tagged with an assigned artist code, inventory number, and retail price prior to bringing work into the gallery.
  • All wall art MUST have a “wall label”. 
  • All prices on framed artwork should include the frame as displayed.  For example, if it is displayed with a frame, then it is sold with the frame.
  • All matting and framing, including loose prints, must be presented in a professional manner.
  • Participating artists must attend the three Gallery meetings each “Guest Period”, sign up and work the required number of shifts in the gallery, assist with designated committee work and assist with and attend gallery events.
  • Artists will be contacted in regard to the status of their applications.

Thank you for considering to be an artist with the Annapolis Arts Alliance at Gallery 57 West!