Featured Monthly Artist

Kathy Dennin-Meagher
Raye of Light Studio

Art should be something that satisfies the soul. At Raye of Light, we teach to inspire so that you can continue to learn outside the studio. I want to help you to try art, maybe for the first time. It’s never too late to learn, and it will bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

In a nutshell: I created a space where you can come have quality art supplies ready for you and fun personal art waiting to be made, while trying to offer a range of different mediums and ideas so you can try what fits you…creatively speaking.
I feel there are many people out there that need guidance, but once they get a little instruction, they are on their way to expressing their inner creative voice.
I went to school and received my BFA, but it wasn’t until April of 2016 that I could go back to creating art. I too took a path that paid the bills, often in the art industry, but not necessarily creating what I knew I should and could be doing. Over my thirty years in the graphic art industry I have been a spy for product development at gift and stationery trade shows, created gift and stationery products, worked in the print industry, publishing, designed advertising, created and built up brand imagery for many companies. It was time to do it for myself.
Raye of Light Studio:
Yes, my name is Kathy, not Raye, believe it or not people still ask!
I live in Bowie, Maryland but originated from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have five grown children and not one in the arts, much to my disappointment.  I am a chronic believer in summer.  I think it should be warm and sunny year-round.  I love the beaches…all of them!  I love working with creative souls and helping them find their creative side.  Many of these people are in technical and stressful jobs and find art therapeutic.  I must confess: the kids are my favorite. They can rally with a little enthusiasm and try all art fearlessly. It makes me smile mentally when I think about how their “light” goes on when they finally get it!